Thursday, August 30, 2012

Chester Attacks Volleyball (and a Kitchen Update)

Die volleyball die!
We found this volleyball down by our community pool. It was in the bushes and half-inflated so we figured no one wanted it, which is why when Chester took a liking to it, we let him carry it home. I tell you, there is very little that is as entertaining as watching a puggle triumphantly carry a volleyball home in his mouth. It's three times the size of his head, never mind his mouth.

Excuse the blur. I can't get Chester to stop moving long enough to take a decent picture. Oh, and the boxes of soda. We're painting our kitchen cabinets and I had to take everything out.

Speaking of kitchen cabinets, look!

Doors and drawers
Spray painted ugly beat-up brass hinges oil rubbed bronze
And another picture of Chester for good measure
Today I get to drill holes for the new hardware and rehang the doors! Yay!
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