Monday, March 11, 2013

Find of the Year

Guess what I found?

You might remember from this picture that this clock is hung with the top about three and a half feet off the surface of that little desk we use in the living room.

That globe is about 15" tall.

This lamp on the other hand? That is almost four feet tall. Let's look at it again.

That's a really big lamp. And I really like it. But we have a two bedroom condo with 8 foot ceilings. The little desk it's sitting on is both narrower and shorter than the lamp that's on top of it. The desk is a good scale for the room. The lamp? Not so much.

Clearly I cannot keep this lamp. By the way, it's Marshall Studios. You might sometimes see this referred to as "Marshall Martz" because Gordon and Jane Martz ran the studio and designed the pieces they made, which had a reputation even in the 1960s when they were new for being of very high quality. They made their name when MOMA called. Yeah, that MOMA.

There's the Martz mark and the original Marshall Studios UL label. Someone clearly loved and was very proud of having selected this lamp. And with good reason! It's a nice lamp. So how did it end up in a Goodwill store in Annandale? It's a mystery.

In any case, I think I'm going to have to turn around and sell it because it needs a much grander setting than a dinky desk in my living room.

That said, just how am I supposed to ship a four foot tall ceramic lamp?
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