Thursday, June 6, 2013

It was a flying purple people eater

The problem with online ordering is that you're never really sure what you're gonna get.

Take this rug.

It was described as "light blue". Full stop. On my screen it looks light blue. And it kinda darkened a bit on one side, so whether that turned out to be more blue or more black, I hoped it would work out in the office.

Unfortunately, when it got here it was more grey than light blue, which might not have been bad. But there was also a substantial amount of purple.

And while light blue or grey or dark blue or black all might have worked in some combination, purple does not work.

Luckily we got it from One King's Lane and they're giving us free return shipping due to the color mix-up. So back it goes and we go on the hunt for another rug. We might do the hunting in person this time.

Have you successfully bought rugs online? Do you have any tips?
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