Tuesday, June 25, 2013

There and back again

My trip to California was great. I sat outside, did a little shopping, connected with some new and old friends and spent lots of time with my family. I even tried disc golf! You can bet I'll be doing that again.

Here are a few photos from the trip.

First, the thrifting/antiquing:

Frankoma, believe it or not. Californians apparently love them some Frankoma.
It was everywhere and quite expensive.

Almost looks like Pearsall, but not quite right. I've done no research. It was $35.  I wanted it.

Restored, powder coated Cosco. These were seriously sexy. And original advertising!

Georges Briard for Hyalin. $90 or it would have been in my suitcase.

This is just what I didn't buy. I also bought a couple of things. I'll post about those later in the week.

Next, history, architecture and other cultural curiosities:

The Mission. It has an official name, but around SLO, it's pretty much just The Mission.
Around Arroyo Grande, these little stamps in the sidewalks are everywhere.
Hug Me yarn bomb

I also did some non-thrift shopping:

Hepcat, a purveyor of retro-styled clothing.

Secret Garden herb shop

And lots of eating:

Local craft beer

The rosemary shortbread cookie I ate at Linnaea's didn't last long so here's the patio instead.

Lamb koftas at Novo, probably the best restaurant in SLO.

Almond peach muffin the size of my head, a Caramello and
one of the two books I read this trip at Black Horse Espresso.

Merlot raspberry truffle ice cream at Doc Bernstein's Ice Cream Lab in Arroyo Grande.

My brother and sister-in-law's dogs, Ranger and Willow, at Tolosa Winery.
The weather was uncommonly perfect:

And never fear, I gave Chester plenty of treats for keeping the blog busy last week.

Doggie ice cream soul patch
Do you have any trips planned this summer?
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