Do you need just that perfect piece to complete your room? Are you an interior designer who sometimes needs unusual or repurposable objects?

We may be able to help!

You never know what you’re going to find at a thrift store. I’ve seen Milo Baughman sofas, complete Art Deco dining sets, camel saddles (twice!) and even once an entire tiki bar. If you’d rather spend time than money on finding a unique treasure, thrift stores are often a good option.

That said, who has all that time?

Well, I do. I typically visit seven to ten thrift stores a week in pursuit of pieces for my own collection and my Etsy store. Over the course of a few months, I can find almost anything, and often for a great price!

So how does it work?

You send me a list of what you’re looking for, with inspiration photos and measurements if possible, and I add it to my thrift store wish list. When I find something I think you might like, I snap a photo and send you a text with the price and whether it will fit in my car or not. It’s crucial that you be able to answer quickly. Sometimes I can put items on hold, but it depends on the store. If you give the item a thumbs up, I snap it up and deliver it to your door.

What does this service cost?

This is a commission-based service so you don’t pay a penny until I find your item. When I do, you pay the cost of the piece plus 30%. So if I find a bench at $25, you’d pay $32.50. A dining set at $300 will cost you $390. For the price of an IKEA set, you could get a solid wood dining room!

For items that will not fit into my vehicle, like sofas or complete dining sets, I can pay for the piece so the store will hold it and you can drive out to pick it up in your vehicle, usually within three business days. Or, you can pay a $100 delivery charge and I will rent a cargo van for delivery.

Will you restore, refinish or paint my item?

I have ten years of restoration and refinishing experience. I can make minor repairs, restore or refinish wood, clean or repaint metal and paint furniture in your choice of color. For this service, I charge $30 per hour, which includes the cost of basic materials. If your piece requires specialized materials, I will let you know in advance. I will also give you a time estimate. Cleaning small pieces might be done in an hour. Cleaning larger pieces might take 3-6 hours. Something complex like refinishing a carved dining set might take 12-18 hours. Sorry, I don’t do upholstery, but I have a few places I can recommend.

I’m in! What do I do next?

Drop me a line! I’ll let you know how fast I think I may be able to find your item and give you a general sense of what it may cost. Keep in mind that thrift store pricing is all over the map and I may be able to find your item for a little more or sometimes a lot less than my estimate!