White pizza

When Doug got home tonight, I sent him to the grocery store since my bread was still in the oven. Unfortunately, I forgot to add pepperoni to the grocery list so he didn’t buy any. In fact, I hadn’t even mentioned that was what I had intended to make for dinner. So I improvised. Honestly,Read more

Drive into the Virginia hinterlands for brandy. Come back with a pile of goodies. Status: That was a haul. In every sense.

Today we took a little road trip. The distillery we like has just released a new brandy, which is pretty much my favorite spirit so of course we had to try it. And, yes, it’s good. Plus we were out of Catoctin’s Roundstone Rye and I’m just not a fan of whiskey sours with JackRead more


Could the person who put the curse on me please take it off now? Last Thursday I was making dog treats for my weekend shows and I needed to grate just a little bit more cheese for the dough. Instead of dirtying my food processor again after Doug had just washed it, I decided toRead more