Listy McListerton

We live in a two bedroom condo. You would think that the home improvement list for such a small place would be short. NO. Here, a la Young House Love, is our “Listy McListerton” of all the things we want to do to the place as time, inspiration and budget allow. Some of these things we’ve already done, but this was the original list. I’ll try to update it monthly. Without further adieu:

Listy McListerton
Screw for closet door
Hem bedroom curtains and rehang
Build bar storage
Replace sockets, socket covers, light switches and switchplates
Paint living room ceiling
Paint kitchen cabinets
Replace kitchen cabinet hardware
Move and replace ceiling light in the dining room
Replace damaged mini blinds
Replace trim throughout
Paint bedroom
Take track out of entryway closet
Replace laundry room door
Replace carpets throughout (deal with Pergo flooring under carpet)
Declutter walk-in closet
Replace flooring in bathroom
Replace bathroom vanity
Replace bathroom light
Replace bathroom mirror
Paint bathroom
Paint medicine cabinet
Replace tub & tile
Hang new shelves in bathroom
Replace door hardware on bathroom, office and bedroom door (make bedroom lock as well)
New storm door/screen door
Take out cabinet & countertop on fridge side of kitchen and replace with rolling island
Install small amount of countertop on remaining cabinet on that side
Put in tile in small area right in front of front door
Install programmable thermostat
Patch sideboard door where veneer is damaged
Put handles on nightstands
Paint Doug’s dresser
Hang curtains in office (need curtain rod)
Put in double sink and new faucet in kitchen
Find a place for sweaters on top of dresser
Replace vinyl in the laundry room
Fix the chips on the front door
Patch the hole in the dining room wall
Replace the kitchen flooring
Replace floor lamp in living room
Replace lamps in bedroom

Think it’s enough to keep us busy?

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