Could the person who put the curse on me please take it off now?

Last Thursday I was making dog treats for my weekend shows and I needed to grate just a little bit more cheese for the dough. Instead of dirtying my food processor again after Doug had just washed it, I decided to use my box grater, which for me is never really a good call. Yep, I grated my finger. I have a nice little half moon shaped cut on the right hand.

Then, this morning I started the coffee pot only to find that an unnamed someone had forgotten to put water in it. So I reached for the glass carafe to put water in it and touched my palm to the glass instead of the handle, thereby burning the crap out of my hand. Part of my left hand is red and the other part is a little bit grey. That’s probably not good, right?

Finally, I saw that a Craigslist seller had some leftover subway tile from a remodeling project in just about the amount we need to tile our bathroom floor. It was a super deal so I ran up to Potomac to pick it up. You might be thinking by now that my clumsiness created tile casualties. You would be wrong.

No, I picked up the highly unbalanced box and promptly fell over into a pile of mostly empty paint cans, landing mostly on my left knee. I swear it was like a Marx Brothers skit. And because I was trying not to drop the box of tile, I tried to get up and then promptly fell over again, this time flat on my rear.

So now the tile is down in the car and I am sitting on the sofa trying not to move or breathe or do anything else strenuous in order to protect my one remaining uninjured limb.

So, whoever you are, step away from the voodoo doll. I would really like to keep my right leg intact. Thanks.

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