Drive into the Virginia hinterlands for brandy. Come back with a pile of goodies. Status: That was a haul. In every sense.

Today we took a little road trip. The distillery we like has just released a new brandy, which is pretty much my favorite spirit so of course we had to try it. And, yes, it’s good. Plus we were out of Catoctin’s Roundstone Rye and I’m just not a fan of whiskey sours with Jack Daniels so a trip was definitely overdue.

But while out Purcellville way, I thought I’d stop at a couple of thrift stores just to change up my usual shopping habits. And let me tell you, this is a drive for me since it takes about an hour each way, but this time it was totally worth it. Check out all the stuff I got for my little Etsy store!

I can never resist wood bowls so when I saw this set of nine (one large serving bowl and eight individual bowls) I knew I had to have them. I only pick these up when it’s clear that the bowl was carved from a single large log instead of a few glued-up boards so this one came home with me and has already been shined up with Kerf’s. Aren’t they purty? I think everyone with an ultra-contemporary kitchen needs at least one set of these out on a countertop somewhere.

Next were a few stainless steel trays, two with wood handles and one without. The two on the left are Danish (the handles might be rosewood on that one) and the one on the right is Kromex, made in the good ole US of A. It matches the ice bucket currently residing in my shop so of course that was going in the basket.

The find of the day was definitely this Culver cake stand. It’s perfectly unblemished and I’ve never seen a Culver cake stand before. I’ve been a Culver admirer for a very long time. In fact, my grandmother had Culver barware when I was growing up and being allowed to sip a Shirley Temple out of one of those fancy gold-decorated glasses was pretty much always the highlight of any trip to Bama’s house. If I’m being honest here, this may not make it into the shop.

Then I picked up this faux bois ivory colored small planter. It clearly has a mark, but it’s illegible so it took me a while to figure out that it’s Brush Pottery, which is associated with the much larger McCoy. These aren’t exactly rare, but they’re definitely 60s relics and most of the colorways are sort of taste-specific, if you know what I mean. Avocado green just isn’t for everyone. This ivory color reminds me of a West Elm piece though. Tres chic.

Beyond that you can see my one slight mistake of the trip. Sadly, I didn’t examine these closely enough and I had the puggle waiting in the car so I didn’t want to take all day trying to research all this stuff on my cell phone like I normally would. As it happens, these are highly collectible Federal Glass Company Amoeba Boomerang pilsner glasses. There are 6 and I got them cheap, but anyone who knows the pattern will immediately note that these bear no gold amoeba outlines. They have just the aqua. Some enterprising housewife or thrift store employee probably scraped off whatever little bit of gold was left after years of washing. The aqua and the glass are in perfect shape though so I’ll probably just price these to sell and move on. They’re still quite adorbs for someone who is into them for their retro atomic beeriness and isn’t too particular about obtaining an unadulterated specimen.

All in all though, not bad for a day’s work.

Oh, and yesterday I picked up this little gem of a Heywood Wakefield Ashcraft step end table for a S-O-N-G as an antique store specializing in really really old junk. Good thing too since it’s in pretty sorry shape. I’ll try cleaning it, but it may require full restoration efforts. We’ll just have to see how I feel about it once I get into the project.

Not a bad haul, eh?

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