November Challenge – Get Dressed Every Day

The most difficult thing about working for myself, in my home, at something that is generally sort of messy, is that there is little incentive and in fact a bit of a disincentive to get dressed in the morning in anything other than yoga pants, a t-shirt and my plastic baking clogs.

Basically, most days I don’t leave the house except to walk the dog or go to the post office. When I do, I “get dressed” late in the day, well after Doug gets home from work. It’s truly a horrible habit that makes me feel schlubby, makes weight gain mysterious because it’s not like the yoga pants care if I gain five pounds and it means that I never wear all of the adorable clothes in my closet, even the ones that are really fine for my newly more casual lifestyle.

So this month I’m trying something different. For the entire month of November, I pledge to get dressed in real clothes every day for a month. And to keep myself honest, I’m going to post my outfits here. Now, I’m no fashion blogger so I’m sure my poses and even my outfits will be a little rough. However, I’ll try to take some fashion advice from Pinterest and the very talented and lovely fashion bloggers I read and post inspiration photos too so at least there will be something super cute to look at even if I sometimes miss the mark.

Starting today!

Today I was planning on a bunch of errands so I needed to be warm and comfortable for riding around with Chester in the car.

Scarf: H&M
Shirt: LOFT (old)
Leggings: H&M
Boots: Frye (here)

And here’s the honest truth: it only took about five more minutes to put on something halfway decent than it did to throw on a t-shirt and yoga pants.

Just 29 more days to go…

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