Get Dressed Day 3 – Flea market duds

Today’s adventure involved leaving the house obscenely early and heading to the Arlington Civitan Flea Market for shopping and a little chit chat with a couple of sellers I know. It sadly didn’t occur to me to take pictures, but there wasn’t a lot of great mid century stuff and very little furniture of any kind so it just would have been pictures of a flea market and everyone knows what those look like, right? Right.

I did get a couple of pieces of ephemera, but before I get to that, here’s what I wore.
Shirt: Ralph Lauren (here)
Vest: J. Crew (here)
Pants: J. Crew (here)
Shoes: Sperry A/Os (here)
Hat: Washington Post Digital freebie from when I used to be an advertiser
So, with that out of the way, here’s what I bought for just a couple dollars.
Yep, a bunch of old paper. It’s really cool though. First, the reason I was even looking at old paper is that whenever I sell something from my Etsy shop, I always throw a little something extra in the box. Lately it has been a vintage advertisement out of a women’s magazine I bought that was falling apart. Some of the boxes I send out are small though so I wanted a few things that would be easier to tuck into small boxes. I got some pretty neat stuff too.
A British clothing ration book from 1947 owned by an American diplomat.
A mid century brochure for Rockefeller Center.
Vintage bookplates.
A pocket hymnal from 1884.
A postcard from the War Department letting someone know their soldier had arrived somewhere safely.
A truly odd assortment of stuff, but it made me happy and hopefully when someone in the future opens up a box from The Collector’s Attic, it will make them happy too.
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