Little gift bag made from scrapbook paper

Recently I needed to bring a tiny gift to a friend. Unfortunately, it was an oddly shaped tiny gift and since my car was in the shop, running out to grab a gift bag wasn’t an option. But I figured that in the great universe of blogger-dom, there would be a good tutorial and, what do you know? Indeed there was!

Probably out of my own paper crafting ignorance, I ended up doing this slightly differently than the recommended method.

First of all, I glued two pieces of paper together because I wanted it to be the same pattern on the inside and the outside. Plus I wanted to be sure the paper wouldn’t rip when I tried to pick the bag up by the handle. I used Easy Tack because I love sprayable, repositionable adhesive.

Then I outlined the shape of the bag exactly as the tutorial above directed and cut the slits.

Probably because I had glued two pieces of paper together though, I discovered that I need to cut corners off some of the pieces that would form the bottom so that it glued up straight.

Then I glued the bag together as the tutorial directed and punched holes in the bag for the ribbon.

I was really pleased with how the little bag turned out. If you’ve got 20 minutes, I highly recommend it as an amusing little basic paper crafting project.

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