Can I buy you a drink?

Seriously, if this thing were human, I would be tripping over myself to buy it a drink. Is that weird? That’s weird, isn’t it.

Whatever. Look!

I’ve had my eyes out for gold bar carts for several months. They seem to be a pretty hot item on Etsy and it seems like every blogger and their sister has purchased one of the Society Social versions. So I figured if I could find one at a reasonable price, it might be a good way to try out putting some actual furniture in my Etsy shop. Plus, if it never sells, then I have a gold bar cart!

Frankly, this is a pretty nice one. Not only does it have such pretty filigree on the edges and a snazzy fluted handle, it also came with a matching mirrored hostess tray.

It works quite well with my Culver Valencia barware, don’t you think?

That said, I have a bar project still in process and as much as I like this piece, it should really go to a home with some serious Hollywood Regency flair, which isn’t exactly the look my place is rocking at the moment.

Believe me though, I feel deeply conflicted about it. This is one of those things that’s tough to let go of.


Before I get drool on my keyboard, here it is in my Etsy shop.

Oh, and props to Style Me Pretty, which provided a nifty tutorial that I used to style the bar cart.

Sidle up, sweetie. I’ll fix you a Sidecar.

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