Little upgrades everywhere!

It’s been a busy week! I finally finished turning my antique radio into a bar. I also got caught up on some cleaning, which I had been ignoring in favor of projects for several weeks. I went to Twins Ace Hardware four times. For the record, they have started to laugh at me since I was there again this morning.

I also made a few little upgrades around the house. Let’s review, shall we?

First, I found this old decorative ship’s wheel at Goodwill a few weeks ago for $4 and I’d been waiting for warm, dry weather to do a little spray paint upgrade.

This was an easy peasy project with a little bit of leftover spray primer and Rustoleum Painters Touch spray paint in Gloss Navy.

I’d been wanting to add a couple more hints of navy in the bathroom and this was a good start.

Second, I hung another painting on our gallery wall in the living room.

I found this at an estate sale on half off day last weekend for $17. It’s a little more expensive than the art I’d normally snatch up, but the blues were a good fit for the room and I like the lighter frame.

Third, with all the liquor bottles gone and into the new bar, I have a little more space on the countertop in the kitchen so I decided to finally paint the open shelving in there.

I’m actually waiting for the paint to dry completely before putting everything back up on the shelves and restyling them. I’ll show you guys how that turned out next week. Here’s the before picture.

So that’s it! Have you been making any little upgrades lately?

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