Antiques Roadshow here we come!

Tomorrow is the big day! As I mentioned yesterday, I have tickets and a media pass to Antiques Roadshow tomorrow. Doug, the new camera, a bunch of old stuff and I are getting in the car and driving down to Richmond. Chester is staying with a friend overnight.

We’ll start with an obligatory stop at our favorite donut shop, Dixie Donuts in Carytown (which is a neighborhood of Richmond). We’re also hoping to stop in at the Shades of Light Decorating Outlet, largely because I still need a rug for the office. Plus they always have cool bits and pieces. 
And we’ll just have to see what else pops up! Maybe a trip to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts if we have time? Or a couple thrifts? You know I can’t ever resist a thrifting stop.
Of course, the main event will be getting the Antiques Roadshow experts to take a look at the goodies we’ve brought. I don’t truly believe that any of these items are masterpieces, but I’ll be happy if I can just get the makers identified! So here is what we’re bringing to be appraised. And as it turns out, we can bring two items for each of us (so four total).

The first item is really three items, but I’m pretty sure that three identically marked vases counts as a collection. If you have a collection, Roadshow recommends that you bring several representative examples so they can provide a valuation for the entire group. 
My prediction: Denmark, circa 1965, $35-65
Here’s the color field painting, another one of our poll winners. In my mind, this is the outlier. If it’s by a recognized artist, it might be worth something. If it’s someone’s class project, it’s nothing. I guess we’ll find out!
My prediction: American, circa 1960, $75-100
I found this globe a few months ago and we’ve been perplexed by it ever since. We think the language is Slavic, but since neither of us speak or read anything remotely similar and the political boundaries aren’t clearly delineated, we’ve had trouble applying the usual rules for how to date globes. Again, I don’t think this will necessarily be worth much, but I’d like to figure out what language this is and when it was made.
My prediction: Eastern Europe, circa 1930, $30-50
This painting I threw in at the last minute. It’s a tiny painting about three inches across. I think the artist is Irene Rozek because I’ve seen one other similar painting online, but she doesn’t seem to be listed in the auction databases so I’m wondering who she was. It may not be worth any more than the $5 I paid for it, but it’s charming and will eventually hang in our gallery wall, probably above the large Theodorus Van Oorschot painting.
My prediction: American, circa 1950, $10-20
So do you think my predictions are right? Is there anything else we should see in Richmond while we’re there?
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