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Though we’ve made a lot of progress in decorating this house, we have yet to start on the bedroom. There are differing schools of thought in terms of what one should decorate first when one moves into a new home. I liked to start at the front door and work out, getting the public spaces done first. We also spend most of our time in the living room and dining room. At least, when we’re home and awake. But now that we’ve done most of our other Phase 1 projects, the bedroom is all that’s left completely undecorated.
I first read about this New York City loft apartment via the now-defunct Yellow Hammer Design Shop blog. I liked its masculine, neutral, relaxed feel. Though it’s nothing like the last room we redecorated, it felt very “us” to both Doug and I, which I think a master bedroom redesign probably should. However, this is no blogger project, as you might imagine. It was featured in Architectural Digest so everything in this room is luxe, custom and expensive.
Our budget is somewhat different. Luckily, we already have all the furniture we need. 
I have my bed from Hardwood Artisans, which is solid walnut. Our dressers are George Nelson for Herman Miller and Broyhill Brasilia, respectively. I’d love to replace the bookcases with something that has doors since they get so dusty, but that’s not in the cards right now since we’re saving up for something bigger. You also can see the bedroom at the end of this video house tour we did a while back. 
So I decided to put together a mood board to help guide me through what the rest of the makeover might look like.

There are three main elements in this room:

  1. A neutral, monochromatic palette
  2. Lots of wood
  3. Lots of texture
We’ve already got quite a lot of wood going on with the bed, dressers and bookcases so I haven’t quite made up my mind about whether to install a wood wall treatment or go with something different like a faux leather. Tacky? Maybe. But while repainting an office is pretty easy if we decide we want to sell in a few years, prying off a wall treatment is a bit different story. So I want to look for a way to get some texture on the wall without doing anything permanent.
The rest of the texture will come from fabric, throws and pillows. I already made a burlap pillow for the bed so I may extend that into the draperies. The knobs are for the built-in nightstands on the bed, which have never had pulls. I was supposed to choose some four years ago when I had the bed built, but I just never did. 
The sconces are just a first stab. I’d like to get a little closer to the inspiration, but I don’t want to have to pay an electrician to hard-wire any lighting. I’ll be looking for plug-in ones that are either good as is or that I can upgrade with a little spray paint. 
So that’s the plan for the master bedroom. What do you think?
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