Handmade Holiday: Cookie Hostess Gift

Now that there are several weeks worth of posts up at Persia Lou for the Handmade Holiday series, I thought I would share my contribution here. If you already saw this one, pop over to Persia Lou and check out the rest of the Handmade Holiday series. I’ve gotten some great ideas for holiday projects there already!

There are a lot of ways to overindulge during the holidays: too much shopping, too much booze, too much family time. If you’re a Pies & Puggles reader, it shouldn’t surprise you that my particular favorite is too much baking.

Not only does a marathon cookie baking session early in the season get me in the holiday mood, it also provides for enough hostess gifts, potluck offerings and drop-in guest snacking enjoyment to last through the New Year. If you’re interested in organizing a cookie baking marathon of your own, you can check out this post. But today I’m going to share a little packaging idea for giving homemade cookies to a special holiday host or hostess.

What you’ll need:

  • Plastic wrap
  • Craft paper
  • Printer paper
  • Scissors
  • Scotch tape
  • Baker’s twine or ribbon
  • Decorative tin or box
  • Tissue paper (optional)
Gather the cookies you want to pack up. I recommend 4-6 of each type depending on size. 
Next, wrap each stack in plastic wrap. This will help keep them fresh if people don’t want to eat them right away and it keeps any buttery ones from getting grease on the craft paper you’re going to use to dress them up. I wrap them upside down so when you turn them over, you can see the top of the cookie.
Cut a strip of craft paper just wide enough to cover about 75% of the surface of your cookie stack and long enough that you can overlap the ends and tape it together on the bottom.
Wrap it around the stack length-wise or width-wise. You can keep them consistent or vary them from stack to stack.

Type out the name of each cookie in a fun font (I used Jane Austen, which you can download here for free) and print it out on regular printer paper. Then cut out each label. Tape the label to the appropriate stack.

Tie baker’s twine or a ribbon around each stack for a bit of color.

Pile your cookies into your decorative tin. The vintage tin I found was a bit large for the number of cookies I had so I lined the inside with tissue paper prior to stacking the cookie parcels. This arrangement also looks nice laid out in a regular gift box so the recipient can seen the names of each of the cookies when he or she opens the box. I just didn’t happen to have one that was deep enough.

Finally, tie with a big, festive ribbon.

Looking for more creative ways to package up cookies for gift-giving? Check out this a cute as a button cookie exchange package that incorporates the cookie recipe on Pies & Puggles.

I picked a winner for last week’s UncommonGoods giveaway! Alanna D., congratulations! Look for your gift card to arrive via the email provided.

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