Quitting my full-time job to pursue my dog treat baking business roughly coincided with my discovery of Pinterest. As many Pinterest widowers can attest, this is a very dangerous website indeed. That said, my husband stopped minding when I started turning out dishes like sausage, spinach and provolone pizza on homemade pizza crust.

I spent so much time combing Pinterest for decorating ideas, awesome recipes, fun products, fashion tips and entertaining notions that I finally started to feel a little guilty for wasting so much time there. But of course, Pinterest was not designed to be a time-waster. It was designed so people could create and view inspirational pin boards.

The problem is that inspiration is useless until you actually go out and do something with it.  So I decided to apply the Seth Godin conference-attendance rule and actually DO SOMETHING with what I’d been learning instead of letting it all fester there on my Pinterest boards.

It started with fashion ideas. I created a board called Looks Good to inspire me to get dressed every morning (which, let me tell you is sometimes a challenging prospect when you’re self-employed). Then I started chronicling and reviewing the recipes I’d discovered through Pinterest on Finders Keepers since I kept losing my favorite recipes in the quagmire that is my recipe board.

It was around the time I was contemplating trying out a tip I saw on Pinterest about getting yellow stains out of white clothes that I decided to start writing about my Pinteresting adventures.

I don’t want to say that Pinterest changed my life. I mean, how awful is that? A website changed your life, Ali? Really? But I’m not sure what else to call something that has completely changed the way I make my home, cook meals for my family, dress myself and approach my days.

So…um…here’s how Pinterest changed my life.

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