While the husband is away…

The wife will play.

Last time my husband went on a business trip, I did this:

Yep, open shelving in the kitchen. It’s been up since April and we love it. Putting away clean dishes is a breeze and since our kitchen is tiny, it freed up an entire cabinet for baking ingredients like ten pounds of flour, ten pounds of sugar, all my granola and pizza making supplies and the ten tons of powdered sugar I keep around for icing.

My inspiration, of course, came from Pinterest:

from Young House Love

from This Old House

My husband is gone again for a few days at a conference for work and I want to tackle something equally dramatic. Unfortunately, I have several undramatic things to accomplish. This stuff:

get my cracked computer screen fixed
measure the inside of the old floor model radio so we can start the bar project
buy a new register cover for the vent in the bathroom
call the realtor to see the smallest house in the development we like
find a few more pet-related events and secure my booth
help a friend who is moving pack her stuff
pick up dry cleaning
return books to the library
make refried beans for burritos

Here are the dramatic things I could do. Thoughts?

start painting the kitchen cabinets
call the contractor and have him come lay tile in the bathroom

get the office straightened up

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