One of the more irritating things about Pinterest is the prevalence of “Thinspiration” boards. People post pictures of pretty, fit women doing amazing things. There are also some Kardashian photos. What can I say, sometimes it’s a mixed bag. While I understand that “thinspiration” is mostly just an amusing play on words, the likes of which Pinterest is absolutely swimming in, I can’t help but be a bit bothered by the fact that these pretty 20-somethings all over the site still feel they need to be thin in addition to being pretty, accomplished, educated (most are at university) and amazing cooks. I also can’t help but find it funny that these posts get pinned literally right after things like “cake batter cookie dip” recipes. I suppose that’s just life though. You take the cake batter cookie dip with a little bit of exercise.

In any case, I’m glad the Thinspiration boards are there because seeing those posts reminds me that one of the reasons I was excited to give up office work was that I would finally have time for exercise again. Except that three months later, I hadn’t really done much about it except take Chester for nice long walks. I actually did enjoy running once. And running three days a week and lifting two days a week had once been an important, pleasurable part of my weekly routine before life got in the way.

So I’ve started my own version of a Thinspiration board, but I’ve called it {Fitness} Work It. Because really, I’m much less interested in losing weight than I am in not being desperately out of breath on the long hilly climb back to the parking lot at Royal Lake.

I won’t be pinning any photos of the Kardashian girls though. Sorry.

So this morning, I took step one and got out on the trail for a run. Not the best day to start considering it already felt like 85 degrees when I went out at 7 AM, but really, I had procrastinated long enough. I’m using a Couch 2 5K app I found in the Android market and after one work-out, I’ve got to say, I really like it. One problem with doing C25K outside is that timing it is a pain, but with the app, the GPS lady’s voice announces when it’s time to run and when it’s time to walk. I love. Here’s the app’s website.

One of the many beautiful views along our trails

While the husband is away progress report:

get my cracked computer screen fixed (should be ready late this week or early next)
measure the inside of the old floor model radio so we can start the bar project
buy a new register cover for the vent in the bathroom
call the realtor to see the smallest house in the development we like (waiting for a call back)
find a few more pet-related events and secure my booth (sent in requests for information)
help a friend who is moving pack her stuff
pick up dry cleaning
return books to the library
make refried beans for burritos
perfect soft almond cookie recipe
clean up office
call contractor about flooring and vanity in bath

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