Dude, get on that already

Yesterday was a pretty productive day considering I spent the first part of it in bed nursing a headache. It was raining so I didn’t feel too bad about it. Actually, that’s a lie. Despite the fact that I had an awful headache and that it was raining, which limited what I could do with Chester, I still felt a little guilty for lying around for several hours doing nothing. How ridiculous is that?

Anyway, another Pinterest find, Young House Love, runs this recurring set of posts that they’ve labeled “Dude, get on that already”. Like anyone else, they have little nagging projects that aren’t difficult, but there always seem to be a lot of them. Sometimes you need a little kick in the pants to just “git ‘er done”. Like hanging pictures that have been sitting in the hall for a year. No, I don’t know anything about that.

Pictures on the floor of the office

For example, the last time my husband went on a work trip, I was hanging those shelves in the kitchen and watching Grey’s Anatomy on Hulu on my laptop, which was sitting on the kitchen counter. Unfortunately, I bumped it with my elbow and my laptop fell off the counter. Have you ever heard the phrase “a sickening crack”? Typically writers are talking about bones, but lemme tell you, it applies equally to laptop screens. I have an HDMI cable that we use to watch TV so it wasn’t that big a deal to just use the TV screen all the time, but it will be nice to have my computer screen back.

So my laptop screen has been broken since late April. Whoopsie. And…DUDE, get on that already. So yesterday I put the dog in the car and drove the laptop down to Woodbridge to get it fixed. Yay!

While the husband is away progress report:
get my cracked computer screen fixed (should be ready late this week or early next)
measure the inside of the old floor model radio so we can start the bar project
buy a new register cover for the vent in the bathroom
call the realtor to see the smallest house in the development we like
find a few more pet-related events and secure my booth
help a friend who is moving pack her stuff
pick up dry cleaning
return books to the library
make refried beans for burritos
perfect soft almond cookie recipe
I also thought about my dramatic transformation and decided that the most productive option would be to reorganize the office.

Office disarray
More office disarray, mostly related to Dog River Biscuit Company

Luckily, one of the things that is keeping the office in a state of permanent disarray is the bathroom vanity that is taking up floor space (on the far left of the top picture) because I haven’t called a contractor yet to install it. So really I’m going to get to cross two items off this list.

start painting kitchen cabinets
reorganize office
call contractor to get vanity and flooring installed

Time to “dude, get on that already”!

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