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I just looked and realized that I have not posted since June 19th. It’s not like I haven’t been super busy though. For instance:

We took apart our bathroom vanity and are in the process of replacing it with a new one. The process hasn’t been without mishap and incident. In fact, I would argue that the process has been mostly mishap and incident. First we couldn’t get the hot water faucet’s valve to close. In fact, we still can’t. In that bucket above is the old faucet attached to the valve so that we were able to turn the water back on. Then, we couldn’t get the S trap off. After soaking it with WD40 though, we fixed that and it came right off. However, that exposed problem #3.
The vanity we bought fits the wall space allotted to it very nicely. However, the back is such that there is no room inside the cabinet for the S trap. So I attacked the new vanity with a saw (pictures to come).
Also, this:
My first Dog River Biscuit Company public outing is next weekend (the 11th and 12th) at Great County Farms’ Dog Days of Summer Festival. So not only are we putting the bath back together, I am baking. And baking, And baking. And baking. All told, I believe that I will need about 200 bags of treats for the weekend, which means roughly 65 batches of treats. And by “batch” I don’t mean “cookie tray”. I mean put the ingredients in the mixer, mix them up and put them on 3 or 4 cookie trays depending on the flavor. 
That’s, um, a lot of biscuits. I only hope that I judge how many treats I will need correctly. Otherwise, I will either run out or have so many extra that the whole thing turns out to be a huge waste of product. 
No pressure or anything. Wish me luck!
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