Get Dressed Day 5 – Oops. But I made a cake.

Hey, four straight days of getting dressed in something other than yoga pants isn’t bad, right? Today I got up, fed and walked the dog, ate breakfast and then got started baking.

Okay, so it’s not really an excuse. But just LOOK at this.
This is a Chocolate Nutter Butter Cake. Isn’t it pretty?
I love opportunities to practice my frosting skills, hence the cake. Plus I had a halfway decent reason to bake since my husband is leading a class at church tomorrow night. I try not to bake cakes for no reason any more. Cuz, um, we eat them. And a whole cake is a lot of cake for two people. This is part of the reason I started a business baking dog treats. It keeps me from baking cakes. But I’m all set for my show this weekend so I’m back to baking cakes.
Anyway, this is a good cake. The cake itself is chocolate and the frosting is a peanut butter/cream cheese/buttercream concoction. It is topped with crumbled Nutter Butter cookies and mini Reese’s peanut butter cups. I’m in favor.
Even better, the recipe is perfect so just head on over to Foodie With Family and check it out. 
And then come back here tomorrow because I have to go vote and then I’m headed to Loudoun County for booze and thrifting. Good combination, huh? I promise I’ll vote before I get to the booze.
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