Get Dressed Day 6 – Election Day

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock (or aren’t an American), you probably noticed that today is election day.

I voted this morning at the crack of dawn because my husband had to git ‘er done prior to boarding his train to go to work. We brought Chester and because it was still dark and very cold, he wore his sweater.

Chester votes Tory.

And then after sending out a few Etsy store packages, it was off to Purcellville for brandy and Leesburg for another almost completely futile round of thrifting.

I say almost because of this:

Coach. $15.

A few months ago, I was contemplating a new handbag purchase and considering the Coach Legacy collection. A friend of mine suggested I haunt the thrift stores though because there always seem to be really old Coach bags that just need a little sprucing up, but will truly last forever. So while I was in Leesburg this morning, I saw this, saw the $15 price tag and immediately snatched it up. I’ll hit it with some saddle soap and leather conditioner, but structurally it’s in amazing shape.

I’m loving it already.

Shirt: Gap (old, similar)
Sweater: Banana Republic (old, nearly identical)
Jeans: Old Navy Diva Trousers (old, similar)
Shoes: Asics (old, same shoe)
Purse: Coach (thrifted)

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