Project: Turn a Radio Into a Bar

This project has been going on way too long. I’d say…five years? But now that I have time, the house is all organized and I’m tired of listening to the liquor bottles rattle against each other every time we turn on the bread maker because they’re all sitting on the counter, it is SO PAST TIME.

What is this magical project you ask? Well, I bought this radio about five years ago at an auction for around $25. I knew I loved it. I knew I had to have it. I just wasn’t sure where I would put it or what I would do with it. I also thought the three inches of accumulated dust on the chassis would be fun to clean off. No, seriously. Three inches. I’m not even exaggerating. This thing must have been in storage since the Eisenhower Administration.

Anyway, I just spent the better part of two weeks taking the chassis apart to get the face off the radio and now I am ready for the next step: painting the interior surfaces, which are old, dinged up and not so pretty. And putting some sort of fabric over a frame to set inside the open part on the bottom of the radio.

After that, I can get to building a couple more shelves for the inside, refastening the face plate to the front of the radio and a few other small improvements that I have in mind.

But first I need color ideas. For the record, the walls are light grey and the other main element in the room is a navy blue sofa.


The left side of the dining room needs a little orange too, huh?

I also kind of want to recover that chair.

So what do you think? Navy? Aqua? Green? Orange? This could really go in so many different directions. Thoughts in the comments please.

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