Roses are red, our walls are blue

Heads up: there is an image contained in this post (after the jump) that may not be appropriate for certain workplaces or age groups. You’ve been warned.

The paint is up! And can I just say that we LOVE it!

All that testing sure paid off, don’t you think? For the record, the color we ended up with was Benjamin Moore’s Old Navy.

Let’s all just take a minute to bask in the yumminess of all that gorgeous blue, shall we? Bask, bask, bask.

Okay, are we done basking? Good. Because there is sooo much left to do in here:

  • declutter the space so we can see what we’re working with
  • knock out a few projects that are in the way (take apart the radio, sell or donate the old games and childhood memorabilia, figure out what to do with a big box of old trophies)
  • paint the walls, trim & ceiling
  • bring in different shelving, sell off current mismatched shelving
  • paint the “tool shed”
  • hang some curtains 
  • hang art on the walls
  • install a new light fixture
  • do something about the awful mirrored closet doors
  • add accessories that are currently in storage
  • pull up carpet and add a throw rug

Okay, so the walls are painted, but we still need to do the trim and the ceiling. Yes, we probably should have done those first, but I was impatient to get the blue up on the walls to see if this crazy scheme of mine would work.

Since it both Doug and I love the paint, now it’s time to get serious about planning out the rest of the room. I went ahead and put together a mood board for the project because I want to go in kind of a crazy direction (I know what you’re thinking: crazier than navy blue paint? Yes.) and I needed some help visualizing what it would look like. Forewarned: there is art below the jump that some may find objectionable. 
Here you go:
1. My current inspiration for this project via Design*Sponge
2. IKEA 5×5 cubby Expedit
3. The current rug idea from One Kings Lane
4. Broyhill Brasilia dresser, thrifted
5. Bjorn Wiinblad serigraph, thrifted
6. West German pottery, thrifted
8. Premier Prints Shakes Tangelo Slub from
Here’s a closer look at the thrifted accessories I’ve picked up thus far.
I have several other Bjorn Wiinblad pieces hanging in other spots in the house and many pieces of his porcelain for Rosenthal packed away. Some of that may be making an appearance as the room comes together. None of it is as, well, interesting as the piece above, which comes from his 1001 Nights series based on the Arabian Nights tales. It has been in my Etsy store for a while because until now I didn’t have anywhere to put it, but now I think it may stay because the colors are really good in this room!
Also, I picked up that West German fat lava pottery yesterday at the Salvation Army for just $6. It has a small crack starting in the side, but it too is a great color for the room. I may place another pot inside it to get some greenery going on when we get to the finishing touches.
I think I’m going to go ahead and order that rug. I like the idea of a traditional rug in what will ultimately be a pretty modern space, plus the near Eastern rug plays off the art in a fun thematic way. 
Thoughts thus far? 
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