Hot off the presses: soon to be listed

Well, hot off the thrift stores shelves, anyway.

I got to thinking, I pretty much only share the really awesome, fantastic and famous stuff that I find while out thrifting. The stuff with big style and big names and big values. But that’s not the majority of what I find. The majority is stuff with style, no names and decorative value. So here are a few of my recent finds, some of which I’ll keep, most of which will end up in my Etsy store over the next few weeks.

Here’s an interesting piece by a company called Hartstone Pottery that mostly makes kitschy cottage stuff like cookie molds and painted plates. To my knowledge, they have never produced anything as cool as this either before or since, though they are still in business making pottery in Zanesville, Ohio.

Wine chiller

These actually do bear rather a big name seeing as they were made by Morgantown and are marked. That said, they are not the Russel Wright glasses that everyone looks for. Nevertheless, they’re a beautiful color and shape, which is why I snapped them up.

Blue Morgantown glasses

Here’s another piece that’s rather a big name. It’s a Catherineholm cast iron enamel casserole dish, but without the lotus decoration that is so desirable. The plain Catherineholm doesn’t carry the value of the decorated, but it’s still pretty and very well-made.

Catherineholm casserole

This little teak and glass condiment or tidbit platter is by a company called Backman and made in Finland. The amethyst glass is lovely and it’s all in really great condition, but Backman isn’t a famous maker like Dansk.

Purple glass and teak condiment tray

Finally, here’s a set of cute plates from the late 1970s marked Fitz and Floyd, another company I’ve never heard of, but seemingly has been making dinnerware and giftware for half a century. The plates remind me a bit of the ubiquitous 49 Mile Scenic Drive signs that you see all over the San Francisco Bay Area. They’ve got great graphics and great colors so they’re a win in my book.

Graphic bird plates by Fitz and Floyd

So there you go, a few things I’ve found in my recent thrifting outings.

How about you? Found any plates with birds on them or other inexplicably interesting pieces in your travels lately?

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