Moar little updates

Lest you think it’s been all office, all the time around here, here are three more little updates we’ve completed over the past few weeks.

1) Hung a new shower curtain in the bathroom.

During our search for office curtains (before we decided to make them ourselves), we noticed this shower curtain at Target (here it is in green–I don’t see the blue one online), which was just perfect for our bathroom. We had given up hope because we had fallen in love with this Thomas Paul Octapus one, but at $120 that just wasn’t in the budget. At around $15, this was much more budget-friendly and still makes a great graphic statement.

2) Finished hanging art in the bathroom.

I hung that DIY thrift store spray painted ship’s wheel a few weeks ago, but I knew the mini gallery wall needed one little tiny piece of art so I grabbed a $1 frame from IKEA and had this photo of Chester printed at the camera store for another $1. So for $2, every day we get to be reminded of how miserable Chester was every time we put him in his Spokespuggle hat.

You so do not pay me enough for this.

Doug pointed out that most people hang up pictures of their dogs looking happy and cute. Not us. No. We hang up a picture of our dog giving us the evil eye.

3) Finished painting and rehung the kitchen shelves.

Yes, so this was on our last list of little updates too, but since I was only half-way done when that post went up, here is proof that I really did do it. Can I just say that if someone wants to give me a gift any time soon, I could really use a stubby little short screwdriver? Maybe one of each: Phillips and flat head? Cuz, yeah, that was a pain in the you know where with my Leatherman.

Here’s the basil I haven’t killed. Yet.

These shelves now also showcase my new-ish collection of Zaneville Stoneage Modern pottery. They made these circa the 1960s. I got the first one and put it in my Etsy store, only to pull it when I found the second one. And now there are three, which in my mind makes it a real collection. Let’s hope for some BIG ones soon!

And lest you think our dog hates us, here he is eating doggie frozen yogurt.

“Please say, ‘Okay’! Please, please, please!”

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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0 thoughts on “Moar little updates

  1. Love your home! It is so cute. I can't wait to get a place to decorate. *crosses fingers boyfriend finds a law job soon so we can get a real place*

  2. Hey, love your kitchen shelves in front of the window – excellent idea and look! AND your shower curtain/bathroom looks magazine-shoot worthy!

    I am not an expert, but I do know that your ZSC Stoneage Modern Pots were actually designed in the early 1960s by Bud Linn, a grandson of one of the founders of ZSC. Of course, they may have produced them for many years after that.

    Keep up the decorating inspiration for the rest of us!

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