Chester takes over: Whew

This is Chester, Ali and Doug’s puggle. I have taken over blogging duties this week while my human companions are on vacation. Thanks ever so much for having me this week. I very much enjoyed my week of blogging, though I have discovered that it is much more work that I had expected. The humansRead more

Chester takes over

My humans are on vacation this week and they left me in charge of the blog. What fun! Despite my extensive training in manners, I only know about thirty words so this week will involve lots of photos of, well, me. This is Pies & PUGGLES, after all! Though I have been told that IRead more

Puggle Mobler

Looks like we have another connoisseur of Danish modern in the house. Chester on our Moller chair. Perhaps not optimal puggle furniture. Then again, he’s probably just enjoying the view. This is a post from Pies and Puggles. Republishing this article in full or in part is a violation of copyright law. And it isn’tRead more