Chester takes over: Dog-friendly Reston

This is Chester, Ali and Doug’s puggle. I have taken over blogging duties this week while my human companions are on vacation.

On Sunday, my human companions decided to go out and do something fun and invited me along.

First we stopped off at Mon Ami Gabi to obtain provisions. If my nose was not deceived, they ordered the lobster roll (prepared Maine style with mayo) and a chicken, apple and brie sandwich.

Here I am awaiting lunch and showing off my very proper calm energy.

And also Ali’s adorable J. Crew ballet flats

Then we meandered over to the dog-friendly park with the dog accessible water fountain. I am not personally fond of the public fountain, but for less discerning four foot kind, it looks quite refreshing.

At least I was allowed a small slice of apple.

Once we were finished with lunch, rain was threatening and my human companions took me to Paper Source, where canines are warmly welcomed with treats.

That reminds me, I must endeavor to prevent my humans from putting dog treats in their pants pockets. It creates such a mess!

Then it was time to return home. This is my favorite car perch (minus of course a human’s lap).

All in all, a very fine day!

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