Video House Tour: Grab the Chester by the paw

We made you a video! I noticed the place was especially clean last week though so I figured I would grab the bull by the horns (or the Chester by the paw) and try it out. 
Doug filmed while I wandered and talked. And talked. It’s a little over 9 minutes long, but hopefully sort of interesting. Here’s the result.

Also, here’s the link if you’re reading somewhere the embedding doesn’t work.

And some notes:

I think it’s hilarious that you can hear Chester’s tags clinking while he follows us around. He pretty much sticks to us like glue.

2:12 What I say about the shelving unit there at the end is that it’s covered with Lord of the Rings stuff. I must have stepped too far from the camera there. Oops.

2:24 Here’s a link for Circa Antiques. I’m not sure they actually have a website. They’re amazing and if you’re looking for something specific I highly recommend calling them because they’re super helpful and easy to work with.
6:08 Please excuse the part where we turned the camera sideways. We couldn’t figure out how to turn it right side up in the primitive video editing program I have. 
7:08 I honestly didn’t realize how much vintage Broyhill furniture we have in our house, which is why I giggle there a little bit. The sideboard we use as an entertainment center and the two dining chairs are from the Saga line and the dressers in the office and the bedroom (on the far wall) are from the Brasilia line.
9:02 As you can see, I wasn’t sure how to finish so there’s that awkward moment of me leaning over to wave with Chester’s paw. Um.
So, now that you’ve seen how the place all fits together, did you notice anything you hadn’t seen before? Have you ever tried making a video?

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