My YHL Book Project Challenge

Back in November of 2012, an amazing thing happened. My very favorite bloggers released a really awesome book. If you don’t have it yet, you’re going to need a copy.

I went to a signing.

I put post-it flags on all the projects I wanted to try.

And I did a couple projects.

Vintage shelf before & after

DIY seashell art

But then I got involved with the office makeover and forgot all about my favorite source of inspiration. Considering how easy and cheap some of the projects are, there really isn’t any excuse for not doing at least one a month!

So that’s what I’m challenging myself to do. Every month, I will choose a project and and “git ‘er done”. I fully expect some of them to be disasters, but how do you ever learn anything without first making a big mess of something?

To pick this project, I looked around the house and tried to notice all the annoying things I try not to notice the rest of the time. You know, the fact that I always hang my purse on the back of a dining room chair because I don’t want it on the floor or the dog’s bed, which we’ve had since we got him three years ago and is a bit the worse for wear.

But far and away the most annoying thing to me right now is this situation.

Even though I’ve pretty much closed down my dog treat business in favor of my Etsy business, I still bake treats for Chester.

But they don’t have preservatives and so they need to be either 1) kept in the refrigerator or 2) kept where air can reach them (i.e. not in a hermetically-sealed dog treat jar, which seems to be the norm for commercial treat jars).

And then I remembered this project from the YHL book (project #51 on page 90 if you’ve got the book).

I’ve never used glass etching stuff before and I’m not terribly confident in my ability with an Exacto knife. See, when I worked on a political campaign back in 2002, I sliced open my hand with one while trying to open a box of lawn signs and I still have a scar.

That’s actually not the only permanent injury I sustained from that campaign. But that’s a story for another day. I’ll save it for when our water heater eventually goes out.

Anyway, that’s the project I’m going to tackle.  Even though I’m starting with a little project, it’s all totally new to me. I’m giving myself a week so next Tuesday, July 9th, I’ll post about the results, good or bad.

If anyone wants to join me, I’ll put up a Linky when I post the project. Sound fun? Good! Now get to projecting!

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