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I thought I’d try something new today. Usually I blog about the vintage stuff that I keep. Today I’m going to show you some of the things that I have up in my Etsy store. All of these were added yesterday so it’s kind of like y’all are getting a sneak peek.
I find my items at a range of places, but all of these came from the Salvation Army store in Annandale, various estate sales and the INOVA Thrift shop in Fairfax City. I go out about three times a week. Sometimes I find lots of things, sometimes I find nothing. But isn’t the hunt the fun of it?

Here are the goods!

A few tidbit plates and stacking mugs from Heath Ceramics, available here and here. I don’t see a lot of Heath stuff out here on the East Coast and when I do, I always snap it up. This nutmeg and moonstone blue combination is a particularly nice one, I think. A huge shout-out here to Dipper Vintage for her fantastic Heath Ceramics Pinterest board. Whenever I need glaze identification help, I always go there. She also has a super sweet Etsy store
A Dansk bowl and a set of Danish modern salad servers. The bowl is teak and the salad servers are stainless steel. The bowl required a bit of restoration. Someone had clearly tried to use a wood conditioner on it, but didn’t understand that it would need to be buffed. So with some Kerf’s Wood Lotion and a lot of elbow grease, it’s now good as new. Kerf’s is food safe, by the way. 
Another Dansk serving bowl, this time with its original box. I found this at an estate sale along with the salad servers above and a set of teak Dansk coasters that I’ve yet to photograph. All were kept in their original packaging, though they all appear to have been used. It seems rare that people would take such excellent care of their things any more so I love seeing pieces in their original boxes.
These I actually just found at the INOVA Fairfax thrift store yesterday: salt and pepper shakers with a cute little stand. They’re marked made in Japan. I just love the gold + walnut finish combination. They remind me of my Broyhill Brasilia and Saga furniture. 
If Chinoiserie is your thing, here’s a large ginger jar, a small ginger jar and a small cricket cage with blue and white porcelain food and water bowls. Hollywood Regency style was my first vintage love and I have found myself newly drawn to it in recent months. I’m not sure I’d ever want the glitz to take over in our home (I love wood too much), but it’s a fun flirtation.
I’ve also got three more cricket cages in various sizes. I would never have known these were intended to be cricket cages and not bird cages if it weren’t for the one I bought for our office makeover. Apparently the traditional use was for large Chinese fighting crickets. I’m not sure these weren’t built to be purely decorative though. The slats seem awfully far apart. Couldn’t even a very large cricket fit through?
Have you found anything fun while out thrifting lately?
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