Antiques Roadshow Here We Come

Guess what arrived late last week?

antiques roadshow tickets

Our tickets to Antiques Roadshow in Richmond! We’re so excited. And since the date is now just a little less than three weeks away, it’s probably time to decide what we’re bringing with us to have appraised by their experts.

Wanna help? I’ll show you what I’m considering and you can vote in the survey at the bottom of the page. Ready? Let’s go!

mystery color field painting

Washington, DC is known for its color field painters and I haven’t been able to identify the signature on this one. This might be something or it might be nothing, but if I bring it, at least I’ll know!

old mystery doll

My parents recently mailed me everything that was left at their house that belonged to me. There were old yearbooks, Barbies, trophies and this doll. I have no idea where it came from or how old it is, but it’s in pretty nice condition so this is another candidate.

studio pottery vases

Here’s another signed item that I haven’t been able to track down: those three vases in the middle of this photo. I’ve had a suggestion that maybe they’re Herman A. Kahler (link goes to eBay) from Denmark, but frankly it doesn’t look much like his work to me so getting an expert opinion would be great!

bjorn wiinblad print

bjorn wiinblad print close-up

I’ve got a lot of Bjorn Wiinblad art and decorative pieces. This one is up in the bedroom. I bought it the same time as the one that’s up in the office and I’ve always wondered if it’s hand-signed and if I should have it conserved since I’m pretty sure the mat isn’t acid-free.

marshall studios lamp

marshall studios lamp gordon marshall signature

This would take some serious doing and I’d be anxious about breaking it all day, but I’d love to bring my Marshall Studios lamp. Any idea how to safely transport a four foot tall lamp with a delicate handmade shade 100 miles in the car and probably several hundred yards through a convention center?

adrian pearsall craft associates coffee table

Finally, another pipe dream is bringing this coffee table, mainly because I got a stellar deal on it and I want to be told that I’m brilliant. Ha ha! Just kidding. (Kind of.) Seriously though, I got this Adrian Pearsall for Craft Associates coffee table at the DC Big Flea about three years ago before Pearsall mania hit the mid century collecting world. I think I know what it’s worth, but I would love to see Pearsall’s work get broader exposure since I think he was a genius and an Antiques Roadshow appearance would be just the ticket! Though I’ll have to clean the coffee cup rings and puggle nose prints off the glass. Whoopsie!

So, what do you think? Remember, I can bring two items to be appraised. Which should it be? You can pick two choices below. Or have you seen something else on my blog that you think I should bring instead? You can write that in the “Other” field.

Oh, and seriously, if y’all pick that lamp or the coffee table, I doubt I’ll be able to handle anything else!

Now vote!

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0 thoughts on “Antiques Roadshow Here We Come

  1. Thanks for chiming in. I'm seriously in a dither (and also secretly hoping I'll find something even more brilliant on a thrifting/estate sale trip between now and then).

    Also, I love love love your blog! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I think you should take the doll and vases because they're easy to carry and can't you always take the framed art to the appraiser place you took the other one you had? (Do you like all the details I can remember?) ; )

  3. I'm all about the easy to carry idea! The coffee table is currently in the lead, but that had led me to recall that we barely got it into my Yaris in the first place. So the vases are still very much in the running in my mind.

    And yes I'm totally impressed at your memory!

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