The Tail-End of July

It’s time for another edition of Tail-Ends, which is a monthly round-up of the previous month’s posts and projects. And because I don’t feel the need to recap everything I’ve done every month, I’m just going to do my very top four. Why not top five? Well, because Chester only has four paws.

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I liked these go bags (or jump kits or bug-out bags as they’re sometimes called) because several people mentioned they would be putting them together for their families as a result of this post, which is really great. Doug liked it because he wants to be prepared for the zombie apocalypse. Chester liked it because we remembered to put treats in his doggie diaper bag.
I liked the grown-up cake batter milkshakes because I took this really awesome photo without the assistance of Photoshop or any funky Instagram filters. Doug liked it because he got to play taste-tester for about four different iterations of milkshake. Chester didn’t like it because he didn’t get any. #novodkafordoggies
I liked my 4 tips for inexpensive framing because it finally got some more art up on the walls of the office. Doug liked it because he got a favorite Lord of the Rings quote displayed (as a free printable here). Chester liked it because cheaper frames means more money for treats.
I liked my very first YHL Book Challenge because it got me back to spending time immersed in my favorite DIY book. Doug liked it because he got to show off his very impressive Exacto knife skills. Chester liked it because he got a new jar for his treats.*
That’s about it for July! Next week I’ll be introducing the next edition of the YHL Book Challenge so if you want to join in, be thinking about which project you might want to do from the YHL book! I have several I’m considering so stay tuned.

So what did you do in July?

*Do you notice a pattern here about what Chester likes?
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