In honor of Labor Day, I give up

Remember back in May when I painted our home office this lovely shade of blue? And I was so excited to do projects in my newly-organized space and have room to take photos for my Etsy store and all that?

Now don’t have a heart attack! I know everyone loves the office as much as I do. I’m NOT painting it. Ever. It’s the gutsiest, most successful room I’ve ever put together and it’s staying just like it is.

No, what I’m giving up on is this:

I liked the idea of shooting photos in the office because it was supposed to keep the mess that is my Etsy business out of the living room. However, since my computer is always in the living room, that hasn’t really happened. Also, the office isn’t the darkest space in the house (that’s a tie between the laundry room and the bath), but it is tied with the bedroom for the second darkest space because it has just a single window that never seems to get full sun.

Lemme tell you: life is too short to struggle with: 1) too dark, 2) too freaking blue and 3) too narrow for my nifty brilliant new 50mm camera lens plus the tripod. Every. Freaking. Day.

I will now be going back to shooting in the living room, which gets full sun most of the day thanks to two huge windows (plus the front door I can leave open if I really need more light) so I can get more photos like this:

And fewer photos like this:

Yay for giving up self-imposed irritants that actually make your life harder!

What self-imposed irritant can you give up this Labor Day? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Taking pictures of my work or what I'm selling has always been hard for me. I'm constantly fooling around with light, etc. too. I'm just glad that no one asks me for slides anymore…

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