Kitchen update: The middle makes no sense

My very favorite bloggers at Young House Love have a saying: “The middle makes no sense.”

This perfectly describes the situation we’re in now with our kitchen update. Limited workspace means that I can only paint one bank of cabinet doors at a time so it will take several more rounds before they’re all painted. Being that we’d rather wait to do the countertops until the cabinets are painted and the floors until we can afford to do the whole house at once, this stage is really quite odd looking, hence the several pretty close-ups I’m about to present.

That said, now that all the cabinets on one side are done, the kitchen is definitely brighter.

The other side is another matter.

So let’s see what’s left, shall we?

  • Paint kitchen cabinets (half done)
  • Replace kitchen cabinet hardware
  • Take out cabinet & countertop on fridge side of kitchen and replace with rolling island
  • Install small amount of countertop on remaining cabinet on that side
  • Replace the kitchen flooring
  • Replace oven and dishwasher
  • Finish painting walls
  • Install tile backsplash
I have a couple other furniture painting projects to tackle next week, but then I’l be starting in on the other side of the kitchen. I admit I was feeling a little discouraged about the whole project, but now that one side is done, I’m feeling much better about the final result. Maybe that will buoy me along as I go through two more rounds of cabinet door painting.
Do you have any projects going on that seem rather endless?
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