Photography Styling Challenge: Morning

For this month’s styling challenge, the theme was “Morning”. I honestly hoped to be able to do a messy bed thing with the fantastic light that comes into our bedroom in the morning, but then my tripod broke. The top cracked right off! So rather than trying to shoot handheld in low light or get just the right angle by stacking up stools and books, I decided to give myself a break and shoot small.
As last time, all these were shot in Manual and I’m happy to report that it was much easier this time because I’ve been practicing changing settings on the fly. Yesterday I was out at the Hometalk Halloween Haunt and needed to use the Manual setting several times. Psst…that’s a sneak peak. More on that tomorrow.
My first attempt at this styling challenge was intended to be a chic interior designer’s morning: distracted from her work by tea and a favorite novel.
I tried the next one with my computer in the background, but it’s purple and therefore not terribly photogenic. I guess electronics don’t belong in styled photos unless they’re Macs!
For my final shot, we’re going birding. With a field guide, binoculars and a puffy vest a trip out in the early morning to see migratory birds would be lovely. The sunglasses are for later on when I come to my senses and pick up a latte on the way home since tea totally isn’t strong enough to keep me awake after getting up that early!

I followed several styling rules here with all my shots. First, they all have five items in each shot. Generally, 1, 3 or 5 items is the way you want to go in close-up shots like this (or so I’m told). Second, and this particularly applies to the second shot, which was taken from the side, the items are of varying height, lending more interest than everything at the same height would have done. The edge of the branch is propped on the book to give it a boost and the sunglasses are there because otherwise the books and cup would be at about the same level.

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