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As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, my Etsy shop took a beating in December. I had 103 items going into the holiday season and just 56 at the end of it. Good problem! But it means I’ve had to put some time and effort into building up my inventory. So I’ve been hitting the thrifts and the estate sales hard. I haven’t found a ton, so maybe I’ve just gotten picky? Anyway, here’s a couple of my recent finds, all for sale at Delightfully Modern.

A bud vase by Ken Edwards. I’ve seen these with deer and birds, but this one appears to feature a rabbit. Some of the Tonala pottery doesn’t tickle my modernist sensibilities since it’s basically folk art, but this one definitely does.

I found this little Gustavsburg elephant a while ago and debated keeping it, but decided to let it go in the interest of streamlining my collecting. I already have a little Lisa Larsen dog collection so I don’t think I need to start a Britt-Louise Sundell collection too. This abstracted elephant is from the 1950s.

At the Hollywood Regency end of the modern spectrum, here’s a brass faux bamboo tray. Great for organizing bottles and glassware on a bar cart.

If you’re still on the lookout for a Valentine’s Day gift or already looking ahead to summer weddings, this cocktail set in its original box might be a fun choice.

I don’t know a lot about vintage Kokeshi dolls, but this one’s sweet expression and tilted head caught me just right. Another piece I’m only giving up under the extreme duress of having too many collections to start one more.

Have a happy weekend!

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