Square Two

Welcome to square two. It’s not really square one because we’ve already started the rehabilitation of our sweet little condo, but since we don’t have real “Before” pictures, we can’t really give you a full “Before” post. So what you’ll be seeing (at least in the living room is mid-“After”.

But perhaps we ought to first introduce ourselves. I’m Ali. I run Dog River Biscuit Company and wrangle our puggle.

The person holding my wrist in the picture above is my husband Doug. Here’s his adorable face.

Doug works for the government. If we told you any more than that, we’d have to kill you.

Doug and I met in April of 2009 when both of us signed up to play with the same Dungeons & Dragons group. Hence the nerds. We married in August of 2010.

Here’s the other member of our family: our puggle, Chester. Isn’t he cute?

Now we’re slowly renovating Doug’s condo, which I moved into after the wedding. Hence the nesting.

Sadly, HOA rules mean that we cannot paint or otherwise de-suckify the exterior door. But wait until you see what we did to the inside!

Anyway, I was tired of annoying all my Facebook friends with pictures of paint swatches so we decided to start a blog. We figured it was better to annoy the internet than to annoy all our friends.

So this is a blog about our condo. We promise the next post will actually be about nesting in it.

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