Gallery wall gone berserk cuz this is way more than wild

Okay, so that’s maybe just a little dramatic. However, if you’ve ever been a vintage Etsy seller or an antiques dealer, you know that sometimes something unexpected strikes your fancy. And sometimes you buy stuff for the store, take it home, hang it on the wall to take a photo for a listing, like it there, and then can’t part with it.

Guess which of these scenarios happened to me this week?

Did you guess all of the above? Ding ding ding! We have a winner!

Of course, this has happened before, most notably with this clock I bought back in December. You just never know what you’re going to find. Or what you’ll bring home, start to write a listing for and then stop because you just know that you can’t let go of it.

This is my point today.

This very lame photograph of a very pretty picture started an avalanche last night. It even kept us from catching up with the latest episode of Castle (I know, right?).

I didn’t like this photo for the listing of this very pretty picture so I decided to put one small nail hole in the wall and hang it up to get a better shot.

I should know better by now. I should never, ever, ever put anything I don’t intend to keep up on the wall. Because this:

Has now turned into this:

Chester can’t believe it either.

I guess the logic was that I had found a lot of great art lately. And if I was going to hang one piece to photograph it for a listing, I might as well hang all of them. It would get them off the floor in the office and it would be good to photograph them all together. Especially because there are a couple, like this green lady, that really only work as part of a gallery wall.

Doug is calling her the vampire woman. I think he wouldn’t be sad if she went away.
Drop me a line if you want her.

Here’s a wider view with more art and less Chester:

Basically, I got all the pieces up on the wall, stepped back and said, “Well, I’ll be damned. That’s the nicest darn thing I’ve ever done.”

And that’s when the furniture moving started.

I won’t run down all the things I changed, and the big pieces didn’t move (the sideboard that serves as an entertainment center, the sofa, the desk that makes the space taken by Chester’s crate a little more efficient), but suffice it to say, it took about an hour of switching things around to make this all work.

And it’s still not quite done. I used an existing screw to hang the large painting in the corner and it needs to go either higher or lower and in towards the corner so it’s not competing with the huge Marshall Studios lamp and shade. I’d add a few little pieces of art here and there as well. One on the lower left over the Emeco Navy Chair, one below and one above the large painting in the corner. We’ll see what I come up with. This kind of thing is all about evolution, right?

Part of my solution for storing Etsy product in our small space.
Also note the vintage fiberglass planter that stores dog toys.

Now, I know this look is not for everybody. It’s super eclectic and not exactly minimalist. But I am totally in love. In. Love.

So what do you think? Hung any art lately that changed the space completely?

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