Oh yes it’s ladies night and the feeling’s right

Most of my music preferences are my father’s fault. Though in the case of the stuff my dad likes, it’s not so much “fault” as “good taste”. Dad introduced me to Dire Straits, Arlo Guthrie and Barenaked Ladies. Eclectic, yes. Awesome, certainly.

John Denver and, yes, Kool & The Gang come from my mother. Thanks, Mom.

For Macklemore, only I am to blame.

None of my taste in music comes from Twins Ace Hardware. However, almost everything else that I don’t get at a thrift store (or Wegmans) does. Which is why I was SO EXCITED to get this email from them about their 2nd Annual Ladies Night!

On Wednesday, May 8th starting at 6 PM, you can enjoy a 15% storewide discount (10% on power tools and small appliances), refreshments from American Bistro & Coffeehouse in Fairfax, free massages from Dante Salon & Wellness Spa and free goody bags to the first 100 women. There will also be free product samples and representatives from Miele, Stihl, SodaStream, OXO, Mythic, 3M and more.

I’ve talked about Twins before. It’s located on Main Street in Fairfax, which not only makes it the closest hardware store to my house, it also has the best, most helpful and knowledgeable employees of any store I’ve been in. If you’re not quite sure what product you need or need a little advice, these guys can help. And unlike a certain big box store with a big flashy ad campaign, these guys can actually help. And know where things are in their store. And will actually take you there and wait while you pick out what you need. Yeah, it’s awesome.

Oh, and did I mention they’re dog-friendly?

You know I’ll be there, partying down with the crew!

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