I locked myself out…of a traveling bar

Psst — I’m on the DC Goodwill Fashionista blog today for Fashionista Friday. Check out what they had to say about my candlestick upcycling project from earlier this week.

Yesterday was another good thrifting day. I came away with a number of interesting pieces, most of which were totally out of my thrifting comfort zone, which is generally mid century modern ceramics. I bought some vintage linens, a 1966 Dymo labelmaker, a couple pieces of art, some candles…the list goes on and on. Like I said, a good day.

That said, the most interesting find of the day was this little traveling bar case.

See that lock there? It works!

Wanna know I how I know? Because the first thing I did when I decided to buy it was to close it up! With the key still inside!

Luckily about three doors down from this particular thrift store is a locksmith. I’ve used Baldino’s Lock & Key several times for copying house keys and work keys. They’re really good at it. Much better than any of the big box stores. As in, their keys actually work.

That said, even they had a little trouble picking this lock. I went through the kid at the front desk, to the manager in the back, all the way up to the old timer with the special set of picks, who had to be pulled away from his lunch. Whoops!

Hey, at least they got it open. Of course, it cost me $12. Oh well. Price of doing business.

And now it bears this:

And I thought marketing was a weird job.

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