YHL Book Project Challenge for August 2013

It’s time for another edition of the Young House Love Book Project Challenge!

In case you missed it last month, every month, I will choose a project from the Young House Love book and and “git ‘er done”. I fully expect some of them to be disasters, but how do you ever learn anything without first making a big mess of something?
Here’s why I’m doing this challenge. And here is the project I did in July: an etched glass dog treat container

Let’s get each other motivated to keep DIYing! Here’s how you can join in:

1) Choose a project from the YHL book and git ‘er done by Tuesday, August 13th. I’ll leave the Linky open for a week after that so you’ll have some additional time.

2) Link up your project (via your blog or Flickr or whatever) to the YHL book project page.
3) Link up your project here using the Linky and check out the projects that others have done.

This month, I’m tackling a totally different kind of project. 

This is all the paperwork we have that is related to our condo. Some of it is warranty-type stuff. Some of it is future decorating plans type stuff. Some of it needs to be tossed in the trash. Regardless, this huge pile made Project #092 a very appealing project for this month.

The essence of the project is this: take all the upholstery samples, paint chips, fabric samples, flooring samples, appliance warranties, room and furniture dimensions and anything else related to the house and organize it into a binder by room. This way when you want to make a decorating decision, you can take the binder out shopping with you. And when something breaks (like the handle on the washing machine), you don’t have to sort through the pile above to see if it’s covered by the warranty or not (it wasn’t).
I already had some of the necessary supplies, though I will need to secure an appropriate binder.

But before I started the process of putting together the binder, I wanted to see if there were other examples of there of how to put together a “whole house binder”.
I found this board on Pinterest, which led me to a few other bloggers who have put together this kind of binder.

If you’re not naturally super organized and need help with sections or ideas about what to put in the binder, Tip Junkie has a DIY Home Improvement Binder set available for purchase on Etsy.
photo credit Tip Junkie
If you’re a little more organized, Infarrantly Creative goes into some nice detail about what she keeps in her book.
photo credit Beckie at Infarrantly Creative
So there’s a little more inspiration for the project. Next Tuesday, August 13th, I’ll post the results of my project and we’ll have a little link party! And spread the word about the challenge! Let’s see if we can get a few more participants this round.
Do you have a YHL book challenge project picked out for August? Let me know in the comments!
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